Reach 3D Support

Printer Documentation:

  • Dropbox Folder
    • User Manual
    • Firmware
    • CAD Models
    • STL Printable Parts
  • Youtube Channel
    • Assembly Demonstration
    • Setup Overview
    • Software Tutorials
    • Troubleshooting Tips
    • Milling and Laser Demonstration

Community Support:

  • Facebook Group
    • Replaced Google+ which Google shut down April 2019
  • Google Groups Forum
    • Initially the place to collaborate but Google+ quickly took over
    • Pierre’s BL touch Sensor holder with LED light ring
    • Ashaman’s Reach stability enhancing Feet
    • Benson Chan’s precision Proximity Mount
  • Upgrades and Mods
    • Greg Huber compiled a master list that can still be found here
  • Thingiverse
    • Printer definition is mirrored here with a few mods (e.g. LCD Screen, frame mounts)
    • STL files for printing backup parts
  • Kickstarter
    • Campaign that started it all