Basic kit hardware specs:

200x200x200 mm aluminum build plate
LCD screen / Sd card Reader for stand alone printing
All Metal Plate construction
4x Nema 17, 4000g.cm stepper motors.
3 axis V-slot aluminum and Delrin wheels.
Inductive Proximity Sensor for Autoleveling.
Ramps 1.4, Arduino mega, 6A power supply.
Bowden fed, fan cooled, J head hot end.
Able to print multiple materials.

Upgrade Kit:

15A industrial power supply
MK2B Heated bed, 100k thermistor and original Aluminum Bed

Additional Tools and Features:

Laser cutter and CNC Dremel engraver enabled, with very little modification. An $80 2.8watt laser will cut up to 5mm plywood. A $25 500milliwatt laser will only engrave images or cut thin material like paper. The kit does NOT include the laser or Dremel Flex tool, but each modification can be purchased and installed for $20-$25. The Dremel flex tool can be purchased on Amazon as a “WEN rotary tool with flex shaft”. YouTube videos show you how to install, and operate the free software needed to operate the laser and CNC engraver/mill.