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The Reach Printer

The Reach Printer Specs and Quality


Meet the Reach 3D Printer.

     Using cutting edge components and a unique design, the Reach Printer provides all necessary Hardware and Electronics to make a Great Printer. Reliable, Smooth, Fast and built to last. Did we mention it disassembles in under a minute for Travel?

Basic Kit hardware specs:

200x200x200 mm aluminum build plate.

LCD screen / Sd card Reader for stand alone printing

All Metal Plate construction

4x Nema 17, stepper motors.

3 axis V-slot aluminum and Delrin wheels.

Inductive Proximity Sensor for Autoleveling.

Ramps 1.4, Arduino mega, 6A power supply.

Bowden fed, fan cooled, J head hot end.

Able to print multiple materials.


Upgrade Kit:

15A industrial power supply

MK2B Heated bed, 100k thermistor and original Aluminum Bed


Additional Features:

UPDATE: Laser Cutter and Engraver Enabled, with Very Little modification. 2.8w will cut upto 5mm Plywood.

And the best part, when disassembled, the printer can fit in a briefcase, so you can take it everywhere.

The Reach Printer is available for purchase in our STORE

We will ship new orders within a week or two, depending on current stock.



We will Provide photos of new Prints on a regular basis, you know, like once or twice a year :)

Check Back for More Examples. If you would like to See a Specific Print, Email Nate the thingiverse #. You may just see it NEXT!!!

Purchase the Reach printer or parts in our STORE
CAD model, Firmware, User Manual, STL files and other resources can be found at:

Our G+ Community is filled with users who have modified and designed improvements. We also answer questions and assist with troubleshooting in the community. Check out the latest news as well at:

  • Pierre's BL touch Sensor holder with LED light ring.
  • Ashaman's Reach stability enhancing Feet.
  • Benson Chan's precision Proximity Mount.

Greg Huber compiled a master list of almost ALL the best upgrades and Mods:
Our thingiverse page has a few mods available for download, including an LCD screen, and mounts for the frame at:
Our Kickstarter, including some videos of the development of the Reach:
Youtube Video Channel, with Assembly, Setup instructions, Software Tutorials and Laser and Mill examples:


Sketchup tutorial:


Meshlab tutorial:


Converting STL for Sketchup:


Cura Configuration:


Repetier Host:



DIY Laser Plotter Milling Guide


How to setup and operate a Laser Module and Mill for use with the Reach 3d Printer.

These instructions will be a QUICK GUIDE. I will elaborate with Video Tutorials in the future, and likely augment with more detailed instructions. 

Disclaimer- DO NOT do the laser mod. Lasers are Dangerous and can cause permenant BLINDNESS. Its the real-deal dangerous, so i cannot recommend you actually create a laser cutter/engraver. I do NOT condone this activity in any way. This is just information on how I did it. If you construct a laser cutter or engraver, I am not liable. I repeat, I am NOT liable for your actions. I recommend reading and being in compliance with all FDA Laser Regulations. Not following their specifications, and not using an enclosure, safety interlocks and a keyed shutoff, could result in personal injury, such as permenent Blindness!!! Be extremelly Careful.


Download and Install these programs...

Repetier Host - A free Opensource Gcode generator and CNC machine controller for Printing, Laser cutting and Milling.

Google Sketchup - A free 3d Modeling Program, used here to Generate SVG files for Laser cutting.

Meshlab - A free Opensource 3d Mesh editor. Used to convert DAE files to STL files for 3d Printing.

Inkscape - An Free Opensource Document editor, to turn SVG and Jpegs into Gcode

Photoshop CS2 - Not needed, but can make photo adjustments a breeze, and Adobe now offers free unlimited use.


Dowload and install these extensions and plugins...

Links have install details, but if they are broken, All Files are at:

JTech Photonics Laser tool - An Inkscape Plugin to generate Gcode for Cutting paths in Repetier Host

305 Engineering Raster to Gcode - An Inkscape Plugin to generate Gcode for Rastering Photos in Repetier Host

Flights of Ideas - Google Sketchup extension to export SVG files - Not needed, unless you prefer Sketchup.


Resources to find Parts and Models...

Thingiverse - Website with STL 3d Models for printing. Includes clamps I designed to hold recommended laser and mill.

         STL Files specific to the Reach 3D Printer



Walmart Rotary Tool - A $23 Walmart Rotary tool with Flex shaft for the mill. note-clamp on thingiverse is for dremel.



Dont purchase lasers yet, I want to verify the exact models, that are guaranteed to work perfect. 


Aliexpress 445nm 12V Laser Modules - Must be 12V ran at a max of 75% power to preserve diode life, using opacity.


TESTING.....    2000mw - $85  app



untested.....    2000mw - $100

untested.....    2000mw - $80 

          There are tons of other modules available. Be sure to get a module that has an external driver board. I bought one with a small internal board, and it crapped out on me in a few minutes. Also check shipping speed, some are 15 days, others are 45 days. epacket is usually fast, and typically only $5 extra.

          JTech Photonics has Laser Modules built in the U.S. and certified. They also support their users and provide a complete solution if you need 1 on 1 support. They also Provide Great Laser Shields for the Best prices I could find for $20 shipped 12"x12".


Ill Break this into 5 Parts:

Assuming all Programs and Extensions are Installed...

1: 3D Printing

2: Laser Cutting

3: Laser Engraving

4: 2D Mill and Plot and Engraving

5: 3D Milling


3D Printing

Check our Assembly Section for the In-Depth Guide to Printing -

Design Model in Sketchup

Export as DAE

Import DAE into Meshlab

Export STL in Meshlab

Open STL in Repetier Host

Slice Model with Cura



Laser Cutting

Design 2D Model in Sketchup

Export selected face as SVG file with Flights of Ideas

Import SVG with Inkscape

Select design and make stroke black (.1mm-ish)

convert Object to Path

Select Extensions:Generate Gcode:JtechTool

Set Directory, file name and parameters 

Laser: ON m106, OFF m107

Open Gcode file in Repetier Host

Wear Safety Goggles for ALL eyes, even Fish!!! and Build an Enclosure (cardboard box?)



Laser Engraving

Import JPEG photo with Inkscape

Set Opacity to 21% for 2.8w laser, Never set opacity above 75% to preserve Laser Diode Life.

convert Object to Path

Select Extensions:305 Engineering:Raster 2 Gcode Generator

Set Directory, file name and parameters 

Laser: ON m106, OFF m107

Open Gcode file in Repetier Host

Wear Safety Goggles and Build an Enclosure (cardboard box?)



2D Mill and Plot and Engraving

Design 2D Model in Sketchup

Export selected face as SVG file with Flights of Ideas

Import SVG in Inkscape

Add Layer

Move SVG onto Layer

Convert Object to Path

Select Extensions:GCodeTools:Tools

Pick a Tool Default or Cone

Adjust Tool Diameter and Properties in Green or Blue Tool Box

Select Extensions:GCodeTools:Engrave

Set Directory, file name and parameters, Apply

Open Gcode file in Repetier Host

Wear Safety Goggles and Build an Enclosure (cardboard box?)



3D Milling 

This requires an additional program, Visual Cad 2016 with Freemill plugin. 

It is a longer writeup and requires generating several gcodes and running them back to back.

More on this after Kickstarter is under way.



Thanks for the interest in the Reach 3D Printer.

I will have a more detailed guide very soon. All these features work great, but require a more in depth guide and some video and photos to make it much easier to explain and follow. A picture is worth a 1000 words :)

Nate Rogers







for newest assembly instructions and click the TAB titled Assembly.





Assembly instructions below are outdated:


For Assembling the Reach 3D Printer, Follow the instructions below.




Also check out our unfinished User MANUAL:


Our Printers are Packaged by Kits, for Ease of Assembly.
Lay Out all the Parts with room for the Build.

Have these tools Handy, There's only a few. Be sure to use the correct sized Drill Bits and Hex allen wrenches...

Drill Bits:
13/64" or 5mm
1/8" or 3mm
5/64" or 2mm
Some Hex drivers:
(use ALL metric, standards WILL strip)
A Precision Flat screwdriver
A Small Phillips screwdriver
A Large Phillips screwdriver
Needle Nose Pliers
Regular Pliers
Some sharp Scissors
A SHARP knife or x-Acto blade
And a Drill....