Reach 3d Support

CAD model, Firmware, User Manual, STL files and other resources can be found at:

Youtube Channel, with Assembly, Setup instructions, Software Tutorials and Laser and Mill examples:–D3svzVMT8cWyLw

Our G+ Community is filled with users who have modified and designed improvements. We also answer questions and assist with troubleshooting in the community. Check out the latest news as well at:

  • Pierre’s BL touch Sensor holder with LED light ring.
  • Ashaman’s Reach stability enhancing Feet.
  • Benson Chan’s precision Proximity Mount.

Greg Huber compiled a master list of almost ALL the best upgrades and Mods:

Our Thingiverse page has a few mods available for download, including an LCD screen, and mounts for the frame at:

Our Kickstarter, including some videos of the development of the Reach: