Reach 3d Support

CAD model, Firmware, User Manual, STL files and other resources can be found at:

Youtube Channel, with Assembly, Setup instructions, Software Tutorials and Laser and Mill examples:–D3svzVMT8cWyLw

Our Google Groups forum is filled with users who have modified and designed improvements. We also answer questions and assist with troubleshooting in the community. Check out the latest news as well at:!forum/reach3dprinters

  • Pierre’s BL touch Sensor holder with LED light ring.
  • Ashaman’s Reach stability enhancing Feet.
  • Benson Chan’s precision Proximity Mount.

Greg Huber compiled a master list of almost ALL the best upgrades and Mods:

Our Thingiverse page has a few mods available for download, including an LCD screen, and mounts for the frame at:

Our Kickstarter, including some videos of the development of the Reach: