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Reach 3D Printer Kit with optional upgrade package and professional assembly

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The Reach 3D Printer, Metal KIT. Includes a geared extruder for Faster Prints and a proximity sensor for Auto Leveling. Capable of 60-90mm/s printing, this machine is fast! With the all-metal hot end, you can print High temp materials like ABS, NYLON, however, we recommend the heated bed upgrade kit, to help them stick to the bed. This machine is built from Wantai nema 17 stepper motors, uses all metric hardware, and is built from 1/8″ aluminum plates. With high strength delrin wheels and 625zz ball bearings, the motion is smooth and strong. The electronics include the Ramps 1.4/Arduino combo, to get you started. These are great, reliable starter controllers, and can easily be upgraded down the road once you get a taste of 3d printing!

The basic kit now includes an LCD screen; print from an SD card, without relying on your computer.

This machine can be assembled in 3-6 hours with basic tools. NO Soldering Required!!!

For an extra $60, check out theĀ Upgrade kit: You get a heated bed to go under the aluminum bed, allowing better adhesion for high temp materials like nylon and ABS, and a 15A power supply to handle all the extra power required.


This machine is also easily modified for Laser Cutting and Light Milling soft woods, copper pcb, foam, etc. We don’t recommend you attempt the Laser mod, as it is extremely dangerous, and may be against FDA laws in some places. FDA requires safety switches, enclosures, a keyed power supply, and other requirements for safety.

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