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Ozarks Mini Maker Faire 2017

Hi guys,

Been a while since my last blog post. Ive been preparing some new mods and getting ready for Ozarks Maker Faire.

If your local, definitly stop by the booth. Ill have the Laser and Mill setup to demo in new case designs. Ill also be selling some 3d printed knick knacks and toys, minecraft stuff, like a mini block that glows, kit form!

Soon I plan to release some design updates, along with several of the mods im working on. Our dropbox folder also has a new sketchup file with those mods, called mod 222 if interested in looking around. It also includes the new clamps for the knock off dremel flex tool, and some makerbot switch holders, to replace the old switches I was hand soldering.

Ill also try to post photos of prints in future blog posts.

Thanks again everyone,