Kickstarter is finished!    Now shipping website orders!

Web Orders Shipping!

Hi everyone,
We finished the kickstarter orders a few days ago. Now it is finally time to start building Web Order kits!
Thank you guys for your patience, some of you have been waiting almost as long as the kickstarter backers. To start off, I believe we are going to split this batch in half.
The first shipment will be 18 printers, to ship out around Monday the 3rd of April. The second batch of 18 will ship out around the 10th - 15th of April. Part of the reason for this is a delay in our motor shipment. In January, we placed a large order, but only part of it was shipped. Currently the U.S. warehouse is out of our motor model, and the remainder of our purchase will be delivered by the 8th of April, as it is being shipped from China.
If your planning to purchase a printer, we will have aproximately 25 additional printers in stock by Late April. We will update the Catalog when they are sold out, and pre orders will be taken for a May batch.
Thank you all for your patience, and be sure to check out our forum to see all the cool modifications being done with these highly adaptable machines.