Kickstarter is finished!    Now shipping website orders!

January 2017 Update

Hi everyone,
This is just an update for pre orders that have been patiently waiting for their printers.
Im getting close, about to ship 25 more and I only have 150 of 515 kickstarters left to ship. Im at a steady pace of 25 per week. This puts shipping of website orders at the last week of February, but probably the First week of March. I cant thank you guys enough for all your patience waiting for your printers. I only have around 33 website orders, so everyones should be shipped in one batch.
If you want to contact me, our website email has been filtering out messages with no subject. So to get a quick response, please post on our G+ community at:
and type    +Nate Rogers    and click my name when it pops up. This will send me a direct notification.