Kickstarter is finished!    Now shipping website orders!

Kickstarter Success and Pre-Orders

Hi guys,
Well, we knocked it out of the PARK! We raised $186K on Kickstarter, completing our $40K goal within 24 hours. Amazing... Now there is so much work to do.
Since Kickstarter ended on March 20th, we have already placed our part orders for the first 200 of 515 printers. We should be plenty busy building for the month of May! Completing the first 100 by May 31st and shipping them. We will then re-order another 250 printers in parts, and continue building the second 150 printers during the month of June, shipping by July 1st! This will continue as we ramp up production, and have plenty of parts on hand to keep us busy. We placed small order of 200 printers, to ensure suppliers could handle the purchase, and give us insight toward their shipping ability. So far, everything is moving smoothly!
We also aquired a new 40x50 foot shop. Theres a nice office for quality checking electronics, printer farm, and electronic work. Should prove perfect, perhaps too much room :)
We are now taking pre-orders and expect to be able to ship them by late September. We still plan to keep production at around 200/month MAX, so we will adjust the extimated delivery date as Pre-orders start comming in.
If you have any questions or ideas, Please email them!
Also, dont forget to join our G+ community to get the latest updates on where were at with shipping your printers!