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PRE Kickstarter LASER Cutter MOD!!!

Hi Guys,

A good Friend of mine, Joel, sent me a laser cutter to test and ignited a bold modification I once considered adding to my printer.

After I got home from Christmas Break, the laser cutter was waiting for me, and I couldn't help myself. I was prepared to Start my Kickstarter Campaign, but I felt incorporating a Laser Cutter would really take this Printer up a Notch, BAM!

Indeed, I was correct, as I just finished installing and testing the Laser Cutter, and It WORKED GREAT!!!

I dont plan to sell any Laser Systems at Reach 3D, but I will setup a Laser Cutter Page, That shows how its done and Where to buy the Laser Module. To Get the Laser Operational, Very little is needed. 1 Barrel Jack with leads, and some basic skills with inkscape. The Ramps controller Firmware is all ready to go as is.

Since I wont be selling the laser Systems, I dont plan to help trouble shoot any problems with an added Laser Cutting Systems. I simply wanted to expand the Versitility of my Printer.

If you want to attach a Laser Cutter to your Reach 3D Printer, AND WANT the technical support, I would Recommend Purchasing a Laser System from JTech Photonics. My design uses a free Plug-in they built for Inkscape, to create gcode based on vector paths. By purchasing from them, they will help trouble shoot any Questions.

KICKSTARTER is Next for SURE! :)