Kickstarter is finished!    Now shipping website orders!

Batch 2 SOLD OUT!!! Kickstarter Is Next.

Well, we have sold all of our batch 2 All Metal printers.

At this point, the prototyping phase is almost complete. We will be listening to feedback from our batch 1 and 2 testers, to find any design faults and find additional improvements for our kickstarter release.

We Will Focus on an All Metal Plate design, with very few plastic parts. This will ensure a durable, rigid printer, and with these plates, will only increase the base price by $10.

We will also include an additional upgrade, Auto Leveling, for the Kickstarter Design, to make Reach 3D Printers more user friendly. This will alter the base price of the unit to $274 for the Kickstarter Campaign. We WILL also be offering heated bed upgrades, LCD screens and card readers for the Pro Upgrade.

We will be charging $25 max shipping to the USA, lower 48. This will be Priority Mail, USPS.

Our Campaign will start Early February. We have postponed this from December, to incorporate and test the All Metal Plate design. We felt it to be instrumental in Mass Producing the Reach Printer.

Thanks again for your support and for telling your friends about Reach 3D Printers.

Nate Rogers.