Kickstarter is finished!    Now shipping website orders!


YouTube video series - 3D Design Print Build

Hello everyone.

Well, I decided to start showing this printer off weekly! Im releasing very short videos, where I design a cool thing, print it and put it together to make cool things happen.

Ill even do a milling and laser project on ocassion. Soon Ill incorporate some circuits and will also run a battle bot series.

Here is the first video. Its fairly rough, but I gotta start somewhere.


Ozarks Mini Maker Faire 2017

Hi guys,

Been a while since my last blog post. Ive been preparing some new mods and getting ready for Ozarks Maker Faire.

If your local, definitly stop by the booth. Ill have the Laser and Mill setup to demo in new case designs. Ill also be selling some 3d printed knick knacks and toys, minecraft stuff, like a mini block that glows, kit form!

Printers now available!!!

Hi Everyone,
Well, we made it! We finished shipping the last of website pre-orders in mid April. 
That means we have about 20 printers left, IN STOCK, ready to ship! If you have been waiting to see Reach 3D round the final corner, wait no longer, order now!!
When our stock of 20 printers dwindles, we will re-order supplies, and stock up for KC maker faire, June 24th ish.
Thank you everyone for your patience. 95% of our website pre-orders waited patiently for many months, even with so many delays. I cant thank you enough for your faith.

Web Orders Shipping!

Hi everyone,
We finished the kickstarter orders a few days ago. Now it is finally time to start building Web Order kits!
Thank you guys for your patience, some of you have been waiting almost as long as the kickstarter backers. To start off, I believe we are going to split this batch in half.

January 2017 Update

Hi everyone,
This is just an update for pre orders that have been patiently waiting for their printers.
Im getting close, about to ship 25 more and I only have 150 of 515 kickstarters left to ship. Im at a steady pace of 25 per week. This puts shipping of website orders at the last week of February, but probably the First week of March. I cant thank you guys enough for all your patience waiting for your printers. I only have around 33 website orders, so everyones should be shipped in one batch.

Shipping update for Web Orders

Hello Everyone,
Well, were getting close to Christmas, and I know many of you have been waiting patiently for your printers. Currently, I am filling kickstarter orders at 25 per week, 100 per month, with about 180 printers left to ship.
Im now expecting to begin shipping website orders around Late February.
I know that may come as a bit of a suprise to some of you, and I am very sorry for the delay. Building this business has been alot for us to startup, considering the manufacturing, testing, shipping, customer service and troubleshooting issues.

Read BEFORE you purchase!!

If your purchasing a printer, Please be aware, we are STILL shipping kickstarter printers.
Expected shipping is no later than Early December. We will have website orders shipped in plenty of time for Christmas!!!

Kickstarter Success and Pre-Orders

Hi guys,
Well, we knocked it out of the PARK! We raised $186K on Kickstarter, completing our $40K goal within 24 hours. Amazing... Now there is so much work to do.

Kickstarter will go LIVE on the 23rd or 24th!!!

Hi Guys,
Well, it looks like its time to Start the Campaign!!! Ive got a bunch of new timelapse videos on the Kickstarter draft that will link to the campaign when it goes live in the next day or two around NOON cst.

Kickstarter Update

Hi Guys,
Im about to Launch my Kickstarter Campaign.
I Have a Draft, but plan to change the video, as it needs improvements and more details need to be addressed about the printer and what to expect when you purchase one.
Let me know what you think and leave some feedback if you have time.

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