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About Our Company

Reach is an active community participant on Thingiverse and will be starting our own forum on Google Groups. (!forum/reach3dprinters) We also believe in the Open Source movement, as the Reach 3D Printer would not be possible, otherwise.


What We Offer

Our current product, the Reach 3d Printer, is currently available. Our Kickstarter Campaign will begin February 2016.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions about our Printer.

Reach 3D was formed in 2015, by Nate Rogers. It all started while seeking a higher quality printer, for a Great price.

The goal was to produce a quality product, available to the Budget contentious. However, there needed to be more. A quick way to transport and upgrade the printer. And the Reach Printer was born.


Help and Support

At Reach 3D Printers, we sell kits and Almost assembled printers to the public. The DIY kits take time and patience to assemble, however, we will assist you in every way possible with your questions and concerns. Simply email your questions from our contact page.

State of the Art

All Features of the Reach 3D Printer are on the cutting edge of technology. We have designed simplicity into our Printers, and offer them at the lowest prices on the market.


Online Forums

Along with our instructional videos, there is a massive online community ready to help anyone with a thirst for knowledge. Many people are happy to provide one on one support for fellow makers.

Rep Rap Movement

The Rep Rap movement, has made this product possible. The design uses the core components of the Rep Rap machine, with several enhancements, packaged into one kit, ready for assembly.