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Step 5 - Z Axis Build


Organize yo Stuff fo tha Z axi KIT

Clean and Drill the Plate as usual

Attach 2 90 Braces to the VERY BOTTOM of the Longest 20x40 frame. Pay attention to the nubs on the Braces. The flat sides are attached here so they sit flush with the 20x40.

Note the position of the 90 Braces. Use another 2 short bolts and washers, and bolt to back of base frame with Tnuts

Back of Base, secure in the most PERPENDICULAR position possible. Bottom of vertical should be flush with base 2040. (NOTE: vertical 2020 should be 40mm-42mm from end of base2020

Front of Printer taking shape... Try to minimize gap between the 20x40 frame pieces, the tighter the better. Spend extra Time, getting this as Flush as possible,

2 Tnuts in base, 1 Tnut in Vertical, 90 Brace with washer and short bolt. Bottom bolt has NO washer. Also add bolt to Z motor plate

Now Bolt it all together as shown

Attach Motor, BUT, WIRES GO TO THE LEFT, not to the right as shown

The Lead screw has 1 clean end, the nut will go on this side. The other end, the large hose is attached half way

Slide on Hose Clamps, loose, and insert small hose into large hose.

Push lead screw assembly and hose, onto motor shaft completely.

Secure Top of Lead Screw with rubber bands to keep from Flying around and making you FURIOUS....

Tighten them hose clamps

Finished Assembly, Yeah, I got the Motor rotated Properly now

This is about the 2/3rds point, just the extruder and electronics to go The Extruder is NEXT