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Step 4 - Table Drive Build


Organize, Clean and Drill your Table Drive Kit as always

Assemble Wheels, dont forget the 1mm Shims!!!

Insert 4 bolts, Pay attention to how the Plate is oriented!!!

All 4 bolts have a Spacer, then wheel, then nut

Snug them up nicely

Take 2 long bolts, place a bearing on first, then a spacer, then tighten together with a nut

The bearings are belt guides, they go in the two holes spaced equally apart. attach the close with a nut, and Tnut on the other. Also place a short bolt across from the beraring, also with a Tnut

Slide the Tnuts into the 20x40 base. they should be easy if not too tight

Slide a Tnut into the top slot, Also a short bolt thru top plate. Use a 90 bracket with short bolt and washer

Position Bed Plate 22.5mm or about 1" from edge

Add nut to 90 brace and secure all bolts to 20x40 base frame

Using 2 Tnuts, Attach Y motor Plate to Frame and attach motor to Y motor plate with small bolts, wires face right

Secure Pulley to motor, centered to wheels

Completed Gantry and Base

Your getting Closer, Next is the Z axis Assembly