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Step 3 - Table Build


This is the Table Kit, Use the LONGER 20x20 v slot

Clean and Drill Plastic. Place one short bolt in each Plastic, and 2 THICK Tnuts on each end of vslot

Lightly snug Plastic, place 1 bolt in each L rail, thread into Tnuts

Tighten the Right plastic plate, 10mm to 1/2" from end of vslot. Use Bed Plate to space the Left Plastic plate and rail. Center plate holes to bolts. NOTE the Bed Plate orientation.

Insert a long M3 bolt thru the clean side of top plate, add a spring, then push bolt thru L rail, secure with a nut. Do this 1 more time.

The Last 2 bolts, do at same time, Bolts, then both Springs, then push bolts into Lrail holes and thread on nuts

Compressing the Springs with your fingers makes threading the nut easy

Use the thin Tnut and bolt to hold the belt in place. Dont overtighten and damage your belt

Table Finished, Set it to the side and begin the Table Drive Assembly...