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NPN Proximity Sensor

NPN Proximity Sensor - NOT currently Supported, but SOON.....
SKU: 2007

Model: LJ12A3-4-Z/BX  NPN 6-36v Inductive Proximity Sensor.
This sensor is the most accurate and consistant 3d printer sensor on the market from Thomas Sanladerer's proximity tests. It has a detection distance of 4mm, and can sense a metal bed using the hall effect.
Blue and Green have dupont connector for z-minimum endstop. Brown power wire connects to + 12v power. A voltage divider is soldered in-line for your convience for use with Ramps 1.4 boards.
Brown = +12v
Blue = Signal out 3.5v open, 0.28v closed
Green = - Ground

Price: $14.00