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Pre Assembled Printers


Pre Assembled Printers

This Page is for those who Bought the Reach 3D Printer, Mostly Assembled. Follow these steps to Complete the Build. Theres not a LOT of steps, but I took a lot of pictures to be thorough.

Carefully unpack the Box, Several main Components will be attached by wires. Take them out all together.

Notice how the Ramps, Base assembly and Gantry are ALL connected.

Slide the LED strip into the top of the 20x40, green wire in FIRST.

Route the LED wire into the back of the Base Frame. Insert 2 T Nuts into the back of the Base Frame, Line up the Vertical Frame with the Sharpie Marks!!!

Bolt the Vertical Frame onto the base. The bottoms should be FLUSH.

NOW, Bolt the Front of the Frame to the 90 Brace.

Make sure its snug.

Inset a T Nut from the Top of the Vertical Frame.

Now use something to Hold the T Nut UP, while you bring the Limit Switch Bolt in for Attachment.

Once you have the bolt, Grabbing the T Nut, Secure it before it drops!!! Take your time, or lay the Printer on its back, to prevent the T Nut from moving.

Heres Where your AT. Hopefully...


Now Take 1 bolt out of the Table 2020 frame, on the short end, so the belt is on the Right.

From the Back, feed the Belt and 2020 between the wheels.

Guide the belt around the Bearings and Pulleys as shown

Pull it Foreward, out of the front of the Wheel Assembly, along with the Table.

Now Secure the belt, FINGER TIGHT, with the T Nut and Bolt. DONT overtighten, or you could damage the Belt.

Now Guide the Gantry Wheels onto the Vertical 2040 Frame. Make sure the cable wrap rests naturally, Not all Twisted up.

Insert the Lead Screw into the Z Nut Coupler, before the Top Wheels of the Gantry.

Now Carefully drop the Top Wheels onto the Vertical 2040.

Should be snug.

Ensure the Lead Screw Z nut seats up into the recess. It Shouldnt be Tight, but a bit loose.

Also Attach the White Bowden Tubes into the Brass Couplings. They should go about 1-1.25 inches in. Push firmly to ensure they are All the way in.

I think Your done with The Mostly Assembled Assembly. A few More steps than I had Hoped, but It keeps shipping down. I may ship a more complete printer in the Future, depending on the Difficulty of assembly experienced. Please let me know if this was a pain. Hopefully It didn't take more than 10-15 minutes. It was that Limit Switch, right? Yeah i dropped it 3-4 times myself :)