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Step 2 - Gantry Build

Gantry Assembly

Layout all Parts of the Gantry Kit

Clean all Plastic and Drill out 5mm and 3mm holes

Only takes a few minutes, so clean well, it makes assembly easier

Assemble wheels as before, dont forget the 1mm shims

4 long bolts thru plate, add spacers on each

Add wheels, and another 4 spacers

Sandwich back plate and add nuts

Tighten nuts with pliers and 3.0mm hex

Add 3 short 5mm bolts facing out

3 Tnuts in the SHORTER 20x20 vslot

Secure wheel plate to shorter 20x20 with 3mm hex

2 Tnuts, in opposite side as wheel plate, Long bolts with 2 WASHERS thru z nut clamp and motor mount. Orient Z nut as shown

Bolt z clamp to 20x20, viewed from top, and add 4 motor bolts to motor mount.

Bolt on Motor with LONGEST  wires, wires facing DOWN

Attach GT2 pulley, tighten setscrews when centered with vslot. (Motor, z clamp and plate, should be closer, so pulley is almost touching end of 2020.)

Secure belt as shown with belt screw, an inch sticking out

Loop belt around motor, keep belt in carriage wheels as shown

With belt in vslots, slide carriage wheels into 20x20 grooves

Keep belt loop pulled left, adjust belt near motor as needed

Ensure belt loops inside all wheels in vslot

Loop belt around Pulley, Pulley can/will be closer to vslot 20x20. Z clamp should almost be centered with Wheel Plate.

Should look like this

Assemble Plates and bolts shown here. there are 2 hex nuts on each side of the bearing. also note the small bolts are closer on back plate

Place all 3 Tnuts in FIRST, then attach back plate and belt

Bolt on front bearing plate

Your Finished Gantry!

Your 1/3rd the way there, Next is the Table, or Print Bed.