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Step 7 - Final Gantry and Table Build


This is the Final Assembly, PRE Electronics. We will Lower the Gantry onto the Vertical 20x40, and slide the table into Place.

NOTE: The Beta Batch, has very little room for the Z Lead Screw. You WILL need to Drill out Z Clamp with a 7/16" Drill bit to prevent Z Wobble.

Slide the Gantry on, Bottom wheels first, then the lead screw thru the z nut clamps, then the Top wheels last.

To Align the Z screw to the Z motor, loosen z nut clamps, until the motor slides back and forth. Center the leadscrew to the 20x40 frame, slightly to the right 1mm. The leadscrew should be straight with the 20x40 frame. If its off, it could cause z wobble to show in your prints.

Adjusting the motor to the left, may have loosened the x belt. We will tighten after the leadscrew is secured precisely above the Z motor shaft.

Now loosen the Gantry bearing plates, and position so the Tnuts show just a bit outside of the 20x20 Vslot. Then retighten

Loosen the X belt setscrew, and pull any slack out of the belt, then retighten. use needle nose pliers on the 3mm nut if needed

Now for the Bed Assembly.

This picture shows how the bed feeds into the wheels. BUT the belt needs to be in the vslot, sticking out the front. Also note the short side of the 20x20, comes toward the front.

As you feed the 20x20 into the wheels, pull the belt around the toothed pulley and back between the bearings

Continue feeding the 20x20 between the wheels and bearings, keeping the belt on the bearing  and fed thru the vslot and out the front

Tighten the belt, snugly, and set in place with the flat Tnut and screw. DON'T overtighten and damage the belt

Slice off a small piece of the bowden tube, to ensure a flush end

Push the bowden tube DEEP into the coupling. It should run thru the coupling and into the heat sink. About an inch of tube should disappear

Unwrap the hot end wires and form them along the bowden tube

Cable wrap the Fan, Hot End, and Thermistor wires. Start at the brass coupling

Zip Tie the end

Cut off the white bowden tube an inch after it leaves the cable wrap. A bit longer wont hurt.

Press the Tube into the Brass fitting. Squeeze the X motor wires into the wire wrap, and ziptie as shown


Now your ready for the Electronics Assembly.

The LEDs and Limit Switch are covered there.