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Step 8 - Electronics Build



Open both of your Electronics Kits and Organize your parts. Do NOT Drill any PLASTIC

Make sure your Z axis and Extruder motor wires are tucked behind the motors, into the Vslot

The Wires should fit neatly behind

The Ramps Standoff will NOT be drilled out Leave as is

Stick Adhesive Heat sinks to Stepper drivers. DONT short the soldered pins on the sides

Align Plastic standoffs to Arduino Holes. Secure with 4 #4 screws. Snug, but DONT overtighten

Check your ramps pins. They should be straight and in line. Gently Bend with needle nose pliers, any that need straightened

Make sure to check them all. Also ensure the Arduino pin receivers are straight and alighned

When seating the ramps on the arduino, align the back rows of pins first

Once all pins are aligned, evenly smoosh the boards together, Gently

Make sure all Jumper pins are in place. The jumpers should only be on in the sets of 3 under the drivers for 1/16 micro stepping

When Installing Stepper Drivers, make SURE the potentiometer adj screw is on the right when ramps is positioned as shown

All Stepper Drivers are positioned the same
IMPORTANT: If using the LCD screen, you can use 2, of the remaining, unused Jumpers to bridge the X min. and Y min. limit Switches. Correct limit switch pins are shown below.

Secure power wires into block, be sure to secure them as shown

The Power Wires should be position like so...

And Secured in the proper terminals of the power supply

Thread 2 #4 screws into the limit switch

Then Attach switch to switch mount. Snug fairly tightly

Slide a Flat Tnut down the vertical Tslot, and attach switch to Frame

Slide the LEDs into the Vslot from the top, wire first.

Route the LED wires in the base 20x20 Vslot, eliminate any slack to prevent the bed from catching the wire

Collect all the wires, and zip tie them

Bend the zip tie ends, in the right direction

The bent zip ties will be easier to thread into the power supply holes when bent correctly

Thread the zip ties thru the plate holes, orient the ramps board as pictured

Tighten the zip ties fully

Secure the Hot End wires into terminal blocks 8, use a small flat screwdriver to open the shield to insert the wires. Polarity dosn't matter

Identify the Y motor wire by gently tugging it to find the end

The Y Table motor, plugs into the ramps' Middle stepper pins

The X gantry motor, plugs into the ramps' Left stepper pins

The Z Axis Lead Screw motor, plugs into the ramps' Right stepper pins.

There are two sets of pins, either will work fine

Again, RED wire on the LEFT

The E Extruder motor, plugs into the ramps' Upper stepper pins

RED wire on the LEFT

The Fan wires are plugged into terminal block 9. They can also be hardwired with the LED's. They are Polarity important

The Thermistor plugs into the 2 left pins of 6, near the z stepper driver

This is the Z axis limit switch. The polarity dosn't matter, but they have to be the correct 2 pins of the 3, OR the ramps will lock up when toggled

Another look at the limit switch. Double check your connected to the correct pins.
IMPORTANT: If using the LCD screen, Use 2 jumpers to bridge the X- and Y- pins. Be sure to place the Jumpers on the Outside 2 of 3 pins, same as the switch uses.

This is the LED connection. It must be correct polarity. It connects with the Power Terminal Block

Tidy up the wires with a Zip Tie

Your Completed Printer!!

Congratulations on a Successful Build.

Your Next step is to Setup the Software and Tune your Printer.