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Step 1 - Carriage Build



These are instructions for building the carriage


Find the Carriage Kit with the Hot end

Open and Layout Carriage Kit

Clean up Plastic Parts with a Knife

Cut Self Fusing Silicon tape in half Length ways.

Keep HOT END fully aseembled, Do NOT dismantle.

Bend Hot End wires away from set screw.

Wrap 1 Tape strip around heater block

Wheel Assembly

For all Wheels, Place bearing in bottom side, then 1mm shim in middle

Then the top bearing


Layout the Carriage Plate and Wheel assemblies

Insert 5mm bolts into each wheel as pictured

Place 1/4" spacers on each bolt

With a 5mm or 13/64" drill bit...

Drill out the 5mm Carriage Plate Holes

Also keep a 3mm or 1/8" Drill bit on hand for the smaller 3mm holes

Place the Wheel bolts, with spacers, into the Carriage plate

Use 4.0 mm hex to snug

Drill Hot End clamps with 5mm drill

Place both clamps on top bolts

Hot End wires to the right, fan bracket and nuts

Snug all bolts with 3.0 and 4.0 hex

Use 1/8" or 3mm drill to open up both top holes

Dill out block holes with 3mm drill also

Dont forget the Set screw hole with 3mm

Use 2.5mm Hex to bolt belt block to plate

2.5mm Hex

Use 2 #4 wood screws to attach fan, sticker facing down

An M3 bolt and needle nose pliers for belt

At least one fitting is drilled out for the bowden tube to pass thru

Thread coupling into heatsink

Your done with the Carriage assembly, now onto the Gantry.