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Amazon Parts

Here you will find links to parts on Amazon. These parts are direct replacements, although a few may require some basic soldering of connectors.

There are more affordable ways to purchase these parts, buying direct from China, although shipping from China will take 2 weeks. Most of these are Amazon Prime items, delivered in 2-3 days.

PC4-01 Bowden brass Couplings

White PTFE Bowden tube 1.5M

4010 40mm cooling Fan

4020 40mm Ptype Blower Fan

0.4mm brass Nozzle 5pack

E3D clone V5 Hotend

8mm LeadScrew

5mmx8mm motor coupling

GT2 Belt and geared Pulleys

PCB Heated bed - needs 100K thermistor

Silicone Heated bed

LCD Screen 12864


TPU - Flexible filament. VERY strong and flexible. Prints at 10-15mm/s.