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Google+ Replacement and Call for Beta Testers

Google+ Replacement!

Hello from Nate at Reach!  I hope all has been going well with you and yours.  Many of you have been using your Reach printers for a couple of years now with great success.  A few however have just begun assembly and have reached out recently with questions about where to find the resources once housed at the now defunct Google Plus community.  The good news is we have setup a facebook group to fulfill that role.  Join our Facebook Group here. Also the new website support page has been reorganized and can be found here.

Call for Beta Testers!

We need your help!  We are excited to announce our new business Just Add Filament.  We will be offering fun project kits exclusively for owners of 3D Printers.  The concept is simple.  We design and kit projects that require your 3D printer to complete.  Our first kit will be the “Joule Thief Flashlight” and it runs on dead AA batteries!

Joule Thief Flashlight Rendering - Beta Version

Joule Thief Flashlight Rendering – Beta Version

Here is how this new product line works.  When you order a kit, we mail you a bag of small parts including hardware, PCB, and through-hole components for easy soldering.  We also provide a link to our custom designed CAD models that you can download and print.  Our flashlight models will include a variety of housing designs allowing you to choose from several styles.  Print one of ours or CAD model your own!  We are looking for folks with 3D printers and beginner level soldering skills that would be willing to test our kits and give us feedback before we open the store.  We will mail these kits to you free of charge in exchange for basic reporting on things like ease of assembly and overall experience.  If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, simply apply below!