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A Simpler 3D printer

"3D Printing within your Reach"


Newest Updates:

All Metal Frame
Laser Cutter/Engraver


Why the Reach 3D Printer?

At Reach 3D, were not trying to reinvent the wheel! All of our components have been used by the 3d Printing industry for several years; they are Tried and Trusted. Using these Mass Produced components, we found a way to Combine them with the Fewest Parts possible, Saving you the extra costs. Our Printers are as simple as any 3D Printer can be. With fewer parts, there is less to go wrong, and you will know and understand exactly how your Machine works.

What makes our printer unique, is the Cantilever design and Delrin V wheel system. The V wheels are used in High end CNC machines and are Extremly Accurate and Smooth. The Cantilever arm is VERY Durable, and stays perfectly level with the build surface. The Hot End is soo light that the Printer can reach very high speeds, without impacting the print quality, from inertia.

Solid Craftsmanship

A simple 3D printer, with quality in mind. Every Reach Printer, is made from all Metal plates, high quality Aluminum V-Slot Extrusions and a Delrin wheel System.

Simple Design

The Reach Printer features many unique design concepts, including a quick removable Z and Y axis system. The Z axis has a crash prevention design, to save nozzles and print beds.


With an Aluminum Extrusion Frame, the design is adaptable to many upgrades, including Quick Release Components, Laser Cutting and Etching, LCD screen w/SD card reader, Dual extruding, for multiple colors, Heated Bed, LED lighting, and more...

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