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New UPGRADES for Batch2

Hi Guys,

An Update on the New Upgrades and Changes youll see in Batch 2 Reach Printers...

The New Fans are bolted to the bracket instead of using Wood Screws!

The ACME Lead Screw is now an 8mm 4-Start Screw and the Coupling is a bit different. It STILL has crash prevention Designed in.

The Z Coupling is all Aluminum M8xM5, Designed for 3D Printers. No Longer the Black Automotive Tubing.

The Endstop is the Makerbot style, with a lobed Cam and Lever for Adjustment. Created by Beta Tester: KEVIN MAGGARD. Thanks Kevin for your Creativity.

The MAIN EVENT is the Mount for the RAMPS controller. It now Attaches under the Bed, including a 12v Terminal block for all your accessory needs, LEDs, Extra Fans, Proximity Sensor, etc. The Mount is Low Profile, and can be slid out and Rotated down, to work on the connectors. There are no more screws to attach Arduino, now just compression fit Pegs.

The Power Supply is now a LAPTOP style Supply! No more 120v ac. The Power supply now plugs into a Barral jack adaptor to power the Ramps.

The Z axis Aluminum Extrusion is also cut 15mm Longer, So you get 215mm print Heights! Every little bit helps!

Im Also NOW including a Quick Refrence USER Manual.

The Manual will include: Packaging and Parts List, Exploded Diagrams of Each Component with Electronics Schematics, Print Preping Steps, Software Prep Steps for slicing, Quick Adjustments for First Print, and a Troubleshooting Guide- some simple things that can easily be missed.

Thanks for your continued interest in the Reach 3D Project.