New UPGRADES for Batch2

Hi Guys,

An Update on the New Upgrades and Changes youll see in Batch 2 Reach Printers...

The New Fans are bolted to the bracket instead of using Wood Screws!

The ACME Lead Screw is now an 8mm 4-Start Screw and the Coupling is a bit different. It STILL has crash prevention Designed in.

To Those who Bought the Batch 1 Fusion Printer...

A BIG thank you to Everyone who has bought my Batch 1 FUSION 3D Printer. Thank you guys, for your support and help, beta testing and your suggestions for some cool upgrades to make this printer EPIC. Im working a WAY excellent FREE bonus package for you. It will be late november before Im ready, but its comming.
Thanks again for your support.

Reach 3D, our new NAME

Hello Everyone...
Welcome to the REACH 3D Printers' website. You may have noticed our new printers' NAME. Well, as it turns out, the use of, Fusion 3D Printers, too Closly Remsembled another Printer, and to Prevent Confusion, we respectfully have changed our name to Something WAY cool....
The REACH!!!
We wanted our printers to have just that. A lot of Reach, as for Upgradability, Transportability, and just pure Ability:) Also, the Cantilever design, tends to Reach out over the Massive Build Plate.

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